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LED display aging test


The aging test of the LED display screen is a very important step in the production process of the LED display screen. It is also a critical test procedure in the production of the LED display screen. The test is an important guarantee for the product quality of the LED electronic display screen.

The performance of the LED display is improved after aging, which is conducive to maintaining a stable state of performance in later use. The LED aging test is a measure applied according to the product's failure rate curve, that is, according to the characteristics of the bathtub curve, so as to improve the reliability of the product. The aging test of the LED display can be divided into 4h white light aging and 48h video aging. The aging method is divided into constant current aging and constant voltage aging. Constant current source means that the current remains constant at any time. Constant current aging is in line with the working characteristics of LED current and is a scientific LED aging method. Manufacturers also use over-current impact aging, which can be adjusted after the frequency of use, can estimate the quality and life of the LED in a short time, and can also find out many hidden dangers that cannot be identified by conventional aging. The following content is the need to pay attention to when the LED display is undergoing aging test:

1. Test content: white screen, red, green, blue monochrome, gray gradient, video effect, text effect;

2. The white screen test time is not less than 24H;

3. Monochrome and grayscale gradient test shall not be less than 24h;

4. The video and text effect test shall not be less than 24h;

5. The aging test of the led display must be guarded, and when a problem occurs, it can be reported and dealt with immediately.

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